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Aizawa Securities Co., Ltd.
The company was founded in July 1918 and established in October 1933.
The retail securities company, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018, began dealing Asian shares in 2000. Aizawa Securities has grown to be one of the biggest brokers in offering Asian shares by the number of tradable markets and securities. The company proactively works with regional financial institutions to revitalize local communities. With the purpose of promoting an asset-building business, Aizawa Securities acquired 100% ownership of Asuka Management in June 2020.
Aizawa Securities
Asuka Corporate Advisory Co., Ltd.
Asuka Corporate Advisory was established in March 2005. Asuka Corporate Advisory started to support the enhancement of corporate value of investee companies of the "Asuka Value Up Strategy". In March 2009, the firm registered as Investment Advisory Business with the Financial Services Agency of Japan. They continue to seek potential investee, and research and advise to enhance corporate values.
Asuka Corporate Advisory Co.,Ltd.
Akebono Asset Management Ltd. was established in June 2015.
The firm is an investment management company in Japan, and a niche player of secondary strategy in Japanese illiquid assets such as interests to private equity funds and venture capital funds. Akebono is managing Cayman Islands domiciled funds, Ariake Secondary Funds, and Japanese funds, to provide many opportunities of asset liquidation to investors/asset owners.
Akebono Asset Management
HiJoJo Partners Inc.
HiJoJo Partners was established in November 2017.
The firm creates funds that offer investment opportunities in global pre-IPO companies at various stages of their life-cycle. It has provided unicorn funds and any other private equity fund for Japanese investors mainly.
HiJoJo Partners Inc.

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