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Asuka's Investment Philosophy

"Avoiding Event Risk"

Avoiding fatal losses during outlying financial events and focusing on preservation capital will lead to realization of stable long term returns

Five investment principles which put our investment philosophy into practice

  1. Secure liquidity

    Always secure liquidity in order to have the ability to quickly reduce positions during crisis events.

  2. Apply strict loss-cut rules

    Minimize large unexpected losses by enforcing loss-cut rules for all investments.

  3. Carefully select investment opportunities

    Establish positions only when there is sufficient profit opportunities and favorable risk profiles.

  4. Thorough diversification

    Avoid concentration by diversifying across strategies and positions.

  5. Limit downside risk

    Do not take position that have unlimited or unquantifiable potential losses.

These principles are shared by all investment managers since foundation.

Investment Strategies

Asuka Asset Management offers strategies which thoroughly applies the 5 investment principles and aims to implement strategies which suit our clients' investment styles and asset characteristics

Asuka Opportunities Strategy
The Opportunities Strategy is a multi-strategy / multi-trader fund which focuses on the Japanese market and will invest in equity, fixed income, currency, and other assets. The strategy continually seeks investment opportunities by maximizing each fund manager's individual strengths and stable absolute returns while limiting downside through diversification and strict risk management.
Asuka Japanese Equity Long Short Strategy
The Japanese Equity Long Short strategy employs a multi-manager platform. The strategy consists of a variety of investment styles by combining long and short equity positions in the portfolio. Using strict downside risk management, the strategy aims to achieve stable absolute returns by efficiently allocating capital among the different investment styles.
Asuka Value Up Strategy
The Value Up Strategy is a hands-on, concentrated fund which focuses on value creation within a small selection of Japanese equities. Working in partnership with company management teams, our value up strategies aim to increase corporate value and generate long-term, stable absolute returns.
Asuka Insurance Linked Opportunities Strategy
The Insurance Linked Opportunities Strategy invests in a wide range of ILS products, focused on natural catastrophes. The ILS market has substantiated its low correlation to other financial markets.

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